What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary (DVD)

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Matthew Arnold, Michael Barber, Scott Hahn, Brant Pitre, Jesse Romero  --  

You will learn the crucial role that the Church’s traditional biblical interpretation regarding the Blessed Mother plays in understanding her role in the Church today.

This DVD video is perfect for adult education classes, RCIA, Confirmation and Catholic Bible study groups. With this enlightening and inspiring presentation, you’ll have a “painless” yet powerful way to share the essential truths about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What you'll discover

• Why Mary is called the “New Eve”
• How Mary remained a virgin before and after the birth of Christ
• What is the purpose of Marian devotion
• How Mary is revealed as the “Ark of the Covenant”
• Why Catholics pray to Mary
• What is the meaning of her title “Mother of God”
• Why the Rosary is a Biblical prayer
• What is the role of Marian Apparitions in the Church
• And much more...

Format: DVD Video
Length: Approx. 72 min
Item: 1 DVD


What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary (DVD)

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