The Battle For Manly Purity - 4 CD set

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(4 CDs)

Catholic evangelist Jesse Romero tackles this extremely tough issue head on. His informative presentations serve as a "wake-up call" to the Christian community as he attempts to make others realize the extent of this grave moral crisis in a very sensitive manner.

Jesse cites extensive research from scientific studies, draws upon the insights of various respected psychologists and other authorities, and provides reasonable remedies proven to reverse and transform this addictive behavior.

It is time for Catholics to take action and go to the heart of the matter. Pornography is slowly killing the spiritual life of millions of Christian fathers, dividing countless marriages and destroying Catholic family life.

Unless something is done quickly, our future is in jeopardy because as Pope John Paul II reminded us, "the future of the world and the Church passes through the family." 

Also covered in this set:
• Why the problem with porn is not that it shows too much but that it shows too little
• How the Devil tries every trick to force man's body to become an occasion of sin
• What practical solutions Catholics have to combat the evil of porn
• What is “second virginity?
• What is sexual addition and how one can assess oneself in this area
• How internet porn has trapped countless souls in its deadly trap
• How to safeguard children from on-line predators and other dangers

Format: CD Audio
Length: Approx. 292 min
Item: 4 CDs


The Battle For Manly Purity - 4 CD set

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